Privacy Policy

                                                                                     Customer Advisory

Dear Customers,

It has been observed that suspicious e-mails with malicious attachments are being redirected to customers.

We at VWFS care for your digital security and want to keep you informed on a few important things to watch out for:

·         Phishing

1)      Check authenticity of mail, do not click or download any attachment that contains any malicious code that may harm your device and steal sensitive information

2)      Do not provide any personal sensitive information like card details, bank details, or any personal information

·         Vishing

3)      None of our agents will ask you for your Card details (Card number, CVV, expiry date, pin or OTP). NEVER share these details with anyone

4)      Beware of SMS, Emails, Calls asking to provide your personal Sensitive information

In case of any doubt please contact us at